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We are one of the most leading Agents in Bangalore for Home Loans. We have 10 years of experience in Banking & Financial Tie ups with Nationalized and Multi Nationalized Banks in Bangalore. Our team includes qualified professionals who can guide you with BKHATA LOANS. Specially for the cases in which maximum of the properties are classified as B Khata, PANCHAYAT KHATA with or without DC Conversion. In case you are searching for Home Loans for B Khata & panchayat khata Loans & help provided for Low CIBIL score instances. We’ll be glad to assist you. ​​

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Types of B khata Loans

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  • Construction Loan
  • Purchase Loan

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  • Salaried
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What is a Home Loan?

Home Loan is an amount offered to individuals who wants to purchase or construct a house. The property is kept as a mortgage with the lender as a security until the loan has been repayed. The bank will hold the title or Sale Deed to the property till the loan has been repaid with the interest due for it.

What are the different types?

1. Through a Home Loan, one can purchase or construct a new House, Apartment or a Villa.
2. A Home Improvement loan is offered to those who wish to have a renovation of their homes.
3. A Home Extension loan is for consumers planning to add extra floor space to their home such as a New Room.
4. A Loan against Property is offered for individuals seeking loan mortgaging an already existing property.
5. A Site Purchase Loan is provided to consumers purchasing a site as an investment, maybe to construct a home later on and
6. A Balance transfer loan is basically taken to repay an existing home loan as this can be availed at a lower rate of interest. .

What are the other charges that I will have to pay while applying for a Home Loan?

For a Home Loan, the basic registration charges, transfer charges and stamp duty costs are added to the cost of the home. Some other charges include:
• Processing cost or booking fee – is paid to the lender when you apply for the loan. It could be fixed or a percentage of the loan amount will be taken,
• Pre-payment penalty – if the loan is repaid before the signed duration, some lenders may charge a penalty, which can go maximum up to 2% of the amount paid before the agreed duration.
• Miscellaneous costs – which includes a documentation or legal fee, also known as “application fee”.

What is the maximum amount that can be borrowed?

The amount that can be financed typically depends on
1. The status of the borrower (Resident / NRI),
2. Type of Home Loan, i.e, Renovation, Property Purchase Property Extension.
3. The maximum amount that can be offered ranges from 80 -85% of the total property value.

What is the typical repayment duration?

The repayment period takes into consideration the repayment ability of the borrower based on their gross income and existing EMIs. The basic duration for which a home loan can be borrowed is between 5-20 years.

What are the types of interest rates?

The interest rates for Home Loans can be
1. Fixed or floating,
2. Partly fixed,
3. partly floating, suiting the needs of the borrower.

Am I eligible for a loan?

Call this Number - 8880411411, to better understand how loan eligibility is determined by a financial advisor..

What do financial organizations/bankers look for?

Bankers or Financial Institutes look for personal details such as
1. A good credit history,
2. Annual and monthly income,
3. Existing EMIs of the consumer,
4. A clean title to the house/ property and
5. the location of the house/property before approving a home loan application. .

What is an EMI?

An EMI(Equated Monthly Installment), is an amount of money to be paid to the bank or lender on a monthly basis. It consists of the principal amount , the rate of interest on said amount equally divided by the number of months in the loan tenure. The EMI amount is to be paid on an agreed date of the month until the full amount has been repaid. A proper planning is always advised before the decision of loan agreement is signed, which includes the calculation of per month EMI amount and the total EMI amount that has to be paid till the loan duration.

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