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Since the introduction of A Khata and B Khata, the process of availing loans against property as a collateral has become easier. If you have a property that complies with all the government regulations and is fully legal, it is an A Khata property. B Khata register lists the properties in Bangalore which are semi-legal or illegal. While it is difficult to attain certain government licences for B Khata properties, getting loans against B Khata properties is possible.

A khata loan in bangalore

A Khata properties have no such limitations or complications. You can easily get loans against A Khata properties if all the papers are in place. With the help of our loan consulting, you can get a lucrative loan offer for your house or other properties, or mortgage them. All banking institutions have loan schemes for completely legal and compliant properties. The interest rate is lower compared to B Khata loans and the approval ratio is very high.

You can look through various banks which offer loans, their maximum loan amount offered, the interest rate charged and repayment options before finalizing upon a scheme. These loans are provided on all kinds of properties and construction activities in Bangalore. Our loan experts can help you choose the best deakl amongst property loans in Bangalore.

If you are considering getting any kind of loan for your A Khata property, then call us on 9008133998 / 9964563600 or write to us at info@bkhataloans.com . You can even leave your details on our Contact Us page and we will get in touch with your shortly.

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